Rooted in Kindness &

Running on Humor...

Life is better when it's BLENDED!

Blended is more than just your local Smoothie Bar... it is a place to be!  Offering complimentary WiFi, conveniently placed wall plugs and a light & bright environment, we are a great place to  work, collaborate and hang out!

Vegan friendly, catering to Gluten sensitivities, Dairy sensitivity, Allergies and other dietary restrictions - we offer delicious options for everyone!

Order online for quick pick up, stop in on a walk through town, or meet your friends to share a chill drink!  Whatever the reason for your visit, however you choose to support us, we are just happy to see your face!

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Life is better when it's Blended.  2020 Blended Health & Smoothie Bar

Funny but serious... The creator of this site is strictly amateur, not a professional web designer or Spelling Bee champion.  As members of the Blended Family, we are relying on you to be our spell checkers.  Any visitor that calls attention to a spelling or significant grammatical error may be rewarded with free goodies if they email the error to  #StayKind #ButCallUsOut