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Well it took a little longer than we thought, but we have finally made it to opening day!  Thank you to everyone for their support.  Our families, our friends, and our community helped us pull this all together with their support, encouragement and excitement!  We opened for business on Sunday, June 14, 2020!  Since then it has been an amazing several weeks getting to know people in the community and beyond!  We have welcomed so many into our BLENDED Family and we meet new people every day!  Our menu continues to evolve daily as we try new recipes and create new specials for you to try.

If you haven't been in yet, come check us out.  We are rooted in Kindness and Running on Humor, so everyone is welcome and we will likely provide a good laugh a well!

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​​Frequenting your favorite establishment is more fun when you get rewarded!  Sign up to be a part of our Loyalty Program and earn points with every purchase!  Family members will earn 10 points for every dollar you spend.  

Blended Family Member of the Month: What is it & How do you become one???


Blended Health & Smoothie Bar is an establishment rooted in kindness, and because of this we choose to celebrate those that share this same value.

We look to recognize individuals that express inherent kindness while expecting nothing in return. Our Blended Family Member of the Month program celebrates individuals that show kindness to others, either on a daily basis, or through an expressed act. These individuals can be nominated by their family, friends or peers as someone who deserves recognition for doing their part to spread kindness.

We will accept rolling submissions, which means you can nominate ANYONE at ANYTIME and they will have a chance to be highlighted as the Blended Family Member of the month.  We will put their picture on the Family Tree Wall alongside the submission, and both the winner and the individual that nominated them will win $20 in Blended Bucks!

Cool & Random...

Here are some cool and random things you should know about Blended Health & Smoothie Bar...

  • WE RENT OUR SPACE!  Looking for a location in the evening to host a small group?  Work on a project?  Bring in Food & Beverage for an intimate event?  Our shop can be transformed into your ideal location!  Call for pricing an info, or email us at to learn more!

  • We sell ready made & custom apparel!  Have you always wanted to customize your own T-shirt or Sweatshirt?  Looking to make matching T-Shirts for the family?  Want a cool way to ask your date to the dance?  We can print custom items at an affordable cost, at your request with a 48-72 hour turnaround time (based on stock items).  Check out our Shirts in the Shop Area Retail tab.

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Life is better when it's Blended.  2020 Blended Health & Smoothie Bar

Funny but serious... The creator of this site is strictly amateur, not a professional web designer or Spelling Bee champion.  As members of the Blended Family, we are relying on you to be our spell checkers.  Any visitor that calls attention to a spelling or significant grammatical error may be rewarded with free goodies if they email the error to  #StayKind #ButCallUsOut