Have you every wanted to try the WHOLE30 Challenge, or started but didn't complete the challenge because you didn't have a support system???  Well, now is your chance to be successful with a group of people!

SIGN UP to participate in the WHOLE30 challenge with your BLENDED Family.  There is no participation fee, and your prize is personal pride!

After a long summer and lots of celebrations, give your body a rest, eliminate the allergens & give yourself a reset!


Tuesday, September 7 - Wednesday, October 6

Why join the BLENDED Support Group?

  • We will share information, tips and recipes every day for 30 days

  • We will create WHOLE30 approved menu items that will taste great and help you stick to the plan

  • Use our group chats to ask questions & and get support from your peers

  • We support you investing in yourself to reset and balance your body