Your health and safety, and the health and safety of your loved ones is important to us as a small business.  As a consumer, and member of the BLENDED Family, we want you to have the most confidence in the product that you order.  While we are NOT a Peanut/Treenut Free or Gluten Free establishment, we know these are serious allergies and take every precaution to ensure your needs are met and cross contamination is avoided.

Every time you place on order online or in person we ask about food allergies or restrictions (we can't move past the order without this answered).  To accommodate our family members with Peanut/Treenut allergies we train on and execute several steps to avoid cross contamination, including: Re-washing our hands before preparing a nut-free order, separate blenders for 100% nut free needs, nut free needs with Almond (milk) exceptions, nut free needs with Coconut exceptions, and washing these blenders in a separate sink.  We also have a separate prep area for items prepped with or topped with nuts.  We take additional precautions around the shop that we are always willing to talk with you about or walk you through.  If you are a parent of a child with a nut allergy, or have a nut allergy yourself, feel free to come and meet us and ask us all the questions you need to feel comfortable becoming a member of the family.

Nearly 95% of the items in our shop are gluten free, with the exception of our Granola.  Should you have a gluten allergy or intolerance and still want that deliciousness, we stock Gluten-Free Granola in a separate work space and are always happy to substitute it upon request.

Dairy Allergy?  We've got you covered!  All of our blends are created with Almond or Coconut Liquids, and we only sub Cows Milk upon request.  We will walk you through the few items containing yogurt to keep you in the safe zone.

It seems each day we learn about a new allergy and will always work to accommodate when possible (heck, our owner is allergic to Apples... who's allergic to APPLES???).  We care about you and want you to feel safe with us.  Knowing that we are not a nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free or 100% vegan establishment (there is always the slight risk of cross-contamination in any business that houses these products) we are all-inclusive and strive to make you at ease ordering with us.

Feel free to communicate with us more on this topic in person or through email at